Winter in Iceland

This winter trip to Iceland has been a constant struggle with the elements,

the first days of January of this 2020 were in fact marked by unexpected ice storms all over the island, closed roads and airports, continuous changes to the itinerary and the inevitable effort to cope with polar temperatures, have kept me company for my entire stay in this land.

All combined with the fact of the scarcity of light in this period of the year meant that I produced the reportage painted with the coldest colors that I have ever made...

Reykjavik Nightlife
Keflavik Airport

Beyond the technical difficulties of making these images I have to say that the trip to Iceland was, despite the weather, a beautiful experience.

I had the chance to explore boundless lands covered by ice, mystical scenarios, day and night, characterized by a continuous change in weather and light conditions.

I discovered and explored the twilight light of the Arctic dawn, when everything is tinged with a intense blue and each scenario takes on a magical atmosphere.

Maintaining the base in Reykjavik, I explored the hinterland in the Ŝingvellir park where the tectonic plates of America and Eurasia meet, creating mythical scenarios, characterized by valleys and mountains, by cracks in the earth's crust, by imposing waterfalls.

I then went hunting for northern lights in the north of the country, despite the bad weather it was possible to see and photograph them during a short window of clear sky in the icy Icelandic night.

The night exploration also offered interesting scenarios photographed with a long exposure, where night and day seem to merge thanks to the light of the full moon and each space takes on a magical atmosphere.

Opening image
Pingvellir national park
in the point where tectonic
plates meets

Top Left
Nightlife in Reykjavik

Top Right
Keflavik airport re-opening
after a snow storm

Buildings in Reykjavik
port area pictured during the blue light hour at dawn
Reykjavik port area

Reykjvik is a fascinating city, in some ways it resembles an outpost in the Arctic circle, for others it is a cosmopolitan capital of design and art.

Frozen Trucks Iceland

It is pleasant to take refuge in the cafes, with refined and curious settings, to warm up after a day spent in the cold.

The lack of light creates a fascinating atmosphere and the city is always shrouded in mystery illuminated by neon signs that warm the environment with bright colors.

Nice to visit its historic places, where cooking, music, art, design and social initiatives come together, creating curious and highly liveable realities.
The laundromat cafè Reykjavik

First left
Frozen trucks on the
road to Pingvellir

Second left
The laundromat cafe
in Reykjavik

Shipyards in Reykjavik
port at night

Reykjavik Shipyards

We have a full reportage on winter Iceland in the archive.

The full body of work includes a complete photo work on the great inland spaces, geological images, the discovery of Reykjavik curiosities picturing places, activities and human subjects at work.

In case of interest please contact trough the info/contact page and ask for a complete portfolio, we sell editorial images with Rights Managed license for any use.

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On the road
Harpa Reykjavik

Northern Lights

Top Left
Snow covered gas
station travelling north

Top Right
Interiors of Harpa concert
hall in Reykjavik

Northern lights in the
countryside at night

Bottom Left
Detail of geysir

Bottom wide
Night landscape in
Northern Iceland

Geysir Iceland

Night Landscape Iceland Winter

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