Southern Portugal

The south of Portugal is one of the most livable geographical areas in all of Europe.

Characterized by the marvelous nature of peaceful living and the low cost of lifestyle while remaining in a European country, this country is rising to the headlines and is attracting tourists and travelers from all over the world.

Here the excerpt of a collection of images taken over the course of a year on multiple trips exploring the Portuguese coasts from Lisbon to the south and back.

The images were made mainly in winter when tourism retracts, leaving these places to ordinary life.

Fisherman in Sagres, Algarve
Algarve seaside

The people who live in harmony with nature, the fishermen on their return to the port in the afternoon, the many surfers who come from all over Europe to train during the winter, the streets, the places, the lights and the shadows.
The famous Lisbon imbued with its historic charm and still inhabited by the spirit of the restless Pessoa.

Life moments in Lisboa

Opening Image
Shadows on a yellow wall
in Lisbon
Top Left
A fisherman at work
in Sagres port
Top Right
Wild landscape on Algarve's
oceanic coast
Up Above
A man playing with his kids
in Lisbon port area

"This city is imbued with mystery, you can guess it in its spaces, in the warm light of the silent sunsets,
this city is inhabited by a thousand souls, they make no noise, they move indefinitely in the lights and shadows.
And of all these souls the most silent and the most mysterious is that of the poet.

Sunset along Tago river
Fernando Pessoa sketch


Sunset on Tago river, Lisboa

Sketch of Lisbon's poet Fernando Pessoa

Surfers in Algarve
Algarve Village
Museu do Electricidade, Lisboa

Alfama district, Lisboa
Up Left
Surfers training during winter in Sagres, Algarve

Up Right
Colorful villages on the oceanic coast

Museu do Electricidade (art Museum) in Lisbon

Lisbon's Alfama disctrict seen trough a bridge fence

Street view in Lisbon

Street view
in Lisbon
Down Left
Street photography
portrait in Lisbon
Down Right
Winter sunset in Lisbon's

Street Portrait
Winter sunset Lisboa

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Sintra, Portugal
MAAT Museum, Lisbon
Lisboa street scene


Scratched wall in Sagres

Up Left
Tourists visiting Sintra's castle

Up Right
Architecture detail on the roof of Lisbon's MAAT Museum

Down Left
Lisbon city symbols during a moment of quiet life

During my last passage in Sagres I've shoot this little video work edited on the music of Marco Traviglia


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